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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Writing can be dangerous.

On the heels of Colleen's dieting post, I will admit to you all that I'm trying to get more active. I've purchased a pedometer and I'm tracking my steps. They say to lose weight you need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  When I started tracking, I was walking--or should I say slogging--around 2,000. And I'm pretty sure those were from walking to the refrigerator.
That's the danger of being a writer. You sit. All. Day. So now that I have this annoying little pedometer (I call it Ped) nagging me, I get up off the couch and walk. I try to walk a couple of miles on the treadmill and by doing that and being aware of my steps throughout the day, I can usually hit around 8 to 10,000.  

But it's not easy. I realize I've become rather accustomed to, um, sitting. But now that I've recovered from surgery and breathing better, I'm ready to get active. I'm forcing myself to get active. I park my car away from store doors, so I have to walk. I try to take stairs when possible. I walk in step while watching TV sometimes. I pace when I'm on the phone. Sounds crazy, I know, but Ped is relentless.

Without the activity, you see, there's no chocolate. :-)

So, what do you do to stay active?


P.S. Thank you for your encouragement over the situation with my dog. As you will see on my earlier post (July 2?), we took her to the vet yesterday and said goodbye. 
Diann Hunt  
posted at 7:52 AM  
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At 8:56 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Diann-you are supposed to use chocolate for your motivator! After you complete some many steps, then you may have a small piece. Do more steps another piece, etc. Or something like that!

I walk about 2 miles in the AM. I usually listen to a book on tape/cd.I live in the country so I enjoy looking at the land, horses, fields, etc.

My new thing is bike riding. I ride with my husband and boys. I have made it up to 6 miles a day. When I started, I didnt think I could get down the drive! So I am pretty happy. I enjoy it. We are talking of trying to ride to a nearby town to Dairy Queen and then home again. That is a motivator!

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

You are right, Andrea! I want to bike ride again. We've been so busy, we haven't been able to do that yet, but we're gearing up for it. I would love to take a trip to a small town nearby. We did that once. Nearly kid me. LOL! Not really. It was fun! I'd have to shape up for it now, though.

Good for you for making it the six miles! That's awesome! I'm finding out that every little bit we do helps. Taking a trip to Dairy Queen? Sheer genius!!!

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Oops! I should have read my post before hitting send. I meant to say it nearly KILLED me! LOL

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Well once you get in shape, come up to Nappanee and we can ride to DQ together! LOL Just have to watch out for Amish buggies and horse droppings. :)

I have to remind my husband that he is riding with me. He rides like he is racing. I am not in a race. Pure survival!

Good luck!

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Rhonda/WA state said...

I use to play soccer (indoor). It was wonderful. My husband and I had our date nights there. Then it happened....I got hurt. I was run over by a male goalie. I tore my "mcl" on the knee. That ended my little career.

In the year since I quit playing, I've put on 20 pounds. It stinks.

Now my exercise of choice is walking. It isn't the same thrill as with soccer but it is a lot safer! I try to walk 2+ miles each day.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Megan DiMaria said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I was thinking about you yesterday. I fear we'll be heading in that direction before too long. My dog turns 15 this summer.

I'm a walker. I try to walk at least three miles a day. During the nice weather, I walk on the bicycle path that runs adjacent to my neighborhood. When it's too cold or wet out, I walk on my treadmill.

I much prefer the path. That way I can convince my DH or a daughter to go with me. The time goes by more quickly outside, I think,

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Tina said...

I have really noticed it's harder to keep in shape when writing full-time. When I was an assitant the job itself kept me too busy to gain pounds, but now...

I'm with Megan. I have to walk at least three times a week.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Lori said...

During the school year, I go to my "ladies only" fitness club and do a class several times a week. Concentrating on the retro 80s music keeps my mind off the pain! (I usually end up grinning like a fool while lifting those weights as memories from high school come flooding back with certain songs.)

This summer, my boys and I have taken up bike riding. Even though they are 12 and 9, this is their first time to ride (we lived in an apartment for many years where bike riding was impossible). They love it and want to get out there every day! We have goals involving food too! (Most of my goals involve food.) There's a new restaurant that some friends opened where we're going to ride and have breakfast one morning soon.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

I'm sorry about the dog, Di. I know how hard that is.

I'm going to Curves 5 days a week now. It's starting to work! I've lost 3 pounds since I upped my visits from 3 times a week to 5. :D

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

I agree with Tina. It's much harder to get out when you write full-time or work from home. I used to have a part-time job that kept me walking during my entire shift (20 hours a week). Now, though...

I'd love to walk outside more, but I have a skin allergy to the sun. I do it, but it takes longer to get ready and go through the preparations to protect myself.

I used to be quite active and in great shape. Then, my Junior year of high school, I tore my shins and suffered series shin splints. Now, anytime I run or jog or do prolonged activity that puts pressure on my shins, I'm in pain and sitting for days.

I can walk, though, and swim. I just need a buddy usually to help motivate. Biking sounds like great fun, but hubby and I need to get new bikes. Our old ones went to the bike graveyard.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Oops, that should have been SERIOUS shin splints. And I *did* preview for edits. (sigh)

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Jaime said...

I try to bike everyday and then when I can, hit some back trails on the mtn. bike. I'm not very good at it but plowing through mud is great fun! Then I go rock climbing as much as possible. While i'm screaming like a woman in labor (according to my youth kids) to try to grab the next hold, I realize you really DO use every body muscle when climbing. I made it to the top the other day, so that was a great victory!! Then I looked down ...

I'm a lazy walker so walking doesn't do much for me. I get too involved in looking at flowers and I slow down too much :) LOL

I try to do crunches but they stink. So, I am learning to love my little pillow on my tummy

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Ausjenny said...

Diann, firstly Im sorry for you loss I do understand what its like.

on pedometers i have several but the one thats best died! don't know how to add a battery the others are very in accurate that i have.
but It is amazing when you get it how much 10,000 steps are.
It made me do more walking round the house and counting to check.
I try to walk a few times a week (not this week thank God we have had a very wet week) I do walk a way the pounds dvd (again i have slacked off) I have a bad knee so have to watch it. but the exercise does help.
I also ride a bit as i dont have a car
Hey does chopping wood for the fire count!

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Oh, Andrea, don't tempt me! I'd love that ride to DQ! :-)

Walking, swimming, chopping wood, rock climbing?!! You all are an active bunch!!!

I love the comments! It gets me motivated to do more. I especially like to think of new things besides walking. Thanks, y'all!

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Gracie said...

I've never been an athletic person, but this year I started running three times a week. Even though I don't always like slugging onto the treadmill in the morning, running has helped me alot. During January I was really slow -- doing about a mile in fifteen minutes. Then I gradually increased my pace and time until I could easily run over 2 miles in under half an hour. I'll never be an Olympic track runner, but I'm faster and stronger than I used to be.

Of course, now that summer has decided to melt everyone in California, walking is the more appealing option for exercise. I love trotting around the neighborhood, reading aloud from my latest novel. Though I tend to garner funny stares from people as I change voices between characters.

Andrea, you are totally right about using chocolate and ice-cream for motivators! And you're sooooo blessed to be able to bike to a nearby Dairy Queen!

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Sorry about your dog. Pets really become one of the family, don't they?

I know what you mean about sitting all day. I work as an accountant and that's the story of my day too. The only times I get up are to go to the photocopier or the file room. At least I have a flight of stairs to climb each day - I guess that's something. I can't use the lift (or should I say elevator) because there isn't one.
Last year my Mum, sisters and I did some walking, but once it started getting dark earlier we stopped (we were trying to lose some weight before my brother's wedding).
These days it's dark before I leave work and it's a struggle to get up in the morning (it's way too cold), so I don't really exercise. Plus all of my hobbies are sitting down activities.
Hmmm ... I just realised how long this is. I'm not usually so long winded.

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Ausjenny said...

getting exercise today. going from my room to the lounge where its warm!
shivering must use come calories.
(its freezing here today) Beth hope your getting some of the rain we are.
I even got up a load of wood and my jeans need a belt so I think i am accheiving something or i have the older jeans on.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

We're at my son and daughter-in-law's and she is such an inspiration to me! She is a committed runner. Even has a calendar on her refrigerator where she keeps track of her running. So dedicated!

It's inspired me to get my 10,000 steps in today! *g*

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Oh, one more thing. Beth, I read your comment, and it reminded me of when I was working. I had the same problem as you with all the barriers to exercise. One thing that helped me (too bad I didn't stick with it) was to walk the stairs on break and lunch time.

Every little thing we do helps, so if you want to exercise and can't seem to fit it in at other times, that might be an option.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Kayla said...

Reading these comments makes me tired. I'm lazing around for the summer, because I'm gearing up for my last year of dashing around campus carrying heavy books! Maybe I'll go "swim" today (read: lay by the pool with a book).

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

LOL, Kayla! I'm with you! :-)

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

If anyone is looking for something 'different' you can save up and invest in a Nintendo Wii game system and pick up Wii Fit. Some of the exercises are just fun, but some really do make you feel it working.

The hula-hoop one is my favorite. Since I trouble keeping that silly thing on my waist, with this one, I just have to do the hip-swinging motions and the computer keeps the hoop there. Perfect!

And yes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator do help. And if you like to shop, some folks go to the local mall and walk laps as they window shop. :) Parking way out from stores works too.

Just gotta make that commitment.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Karla Akins said...

Well, I'm supposed to be Nordic Walking daily. I bought these nifty poles that you walk with the same as you ski with. They are supposed to burn more calories and take stress off my knees and hips. Problem is -- you have to actually walk with the darned things to use them!

I have a Gazelle machine I use, too.

What pedometer do you use? I can't decide which one to buy. I need to do that as I sit way too much.

Hope you are 100% very soon, and I hope your heart heals soon, too.

At 8:01 PM, Blogger CHickey said...

Okay, okay, I'll start walking! I can use the time to brainstorm.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Julie Carobini said...

So sorry about your doggy, Diann.

As for working out, I'm not the runner I used to be. But writing has made it more difficult to keep the ol' weight down, so I try to jog or walk at least 3x per week (unfortunately I have to wear a knee brace. pathetic, i know.)

And I agree with all those who view chocolate as a reward! It's a great motivator, don't you agree?

At 3:45 AM, Blogger Pam S. said...

Oooo. Did you have to bring this topic up? I'm trying to lose weight, but have been trying to avoid the exercise part. When it's the school year, my exercise is running (truly!) up and down the school stairs and pacing back and forth while I'm teaching. I wore one of those ped-meters one week and discovered I was averaging 5,000 steps a day. But right now...? Ok. Ok. You all are making me feel guilty. Time to get moving.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Leanna said...

Diann, I'm there with you, trying to walk a couple of miles a day. Also trying to do some yoga, a dvd called Christyoga. Love it. I feel better with it.

So sorry about the loss of your dog. We lost ours two and a half years ago. She was blind and deaf too. Thankfully, I didn't have to make a decision about her but losing her was so hard. But this summer I had to make a decision about our cat. It was the toughest I've had to make. So, so hard.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Inspire said...

Camy is blogging about diets too. I cut out sugar starting last Monday. It's tough not having a spoonful in my morning coffee, but I'm gonna do it.

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Ausjenny said...

with all this talk about diets and exercised maybe its telling me to do something.
I am going to canada in less than 9 week to be in a wedding and the dress is lovely but a little revealing when you are big chested so i need to lose a little.
today is so cold so need to get active to not freeze

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Diana said...

I ride my bike a lot, or rather until Saturday, now it's broken. The part won't be available for a week so...that means I get to sit on the couch and read write?
Any way I think those ped things should track eye movement. I'm sure I'd be way over 10,000 steps before noon! How about you?
So sorry about your dog. We had to let our friend go last August. I'm still missing her.


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