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Monday, March 31, 2008

I've notified the four winners who will be receiving a copy of one of my LI books as soon as I receive their snail mail addresses. Congratulations!

Also, to those of you who signed up for my newsletter (there were MANY--thank you!), if you want free bookmarks, send your snail mail address to my web email:, and I'll see that you get them. 

Can you believe the price of gas these days? We could put one of our grandkids through college for the price it takes to fill up our car these days. I'm not even going to tell you how much gas cost when I started driving. Yes, they had cars back then. But let me just say it was affordable. I thought about getting a bicycle with a cute little basket and horn, but that makes me think of the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz and that just scares me. 

But truly it's getting so bad, I imagine a young teenage boy these days would have to take out a small loan to go on a date. Oh well, maybe it will keep the kids at home? *g* 

So how do you stretch your gas? Do you carpool? Ride a bike? Stay home? There has to be a better way . . . .
Diann Hunt  
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Friday, March 28, 2008

I've just got to crow about Diann's daughter Amber Zimmerman. Her photography business is Amber Z Photography. She's got a real gift with composition, ala Anne Geddis. She did these three last night. When I get all the pics I'll put more up. If you live within driving distance of Fort Wayne, you should have her do your pictures. I'm going to have her do pics of my darling pregnant Donna when she's really big just before the baby comes. And AFTER of course too, I'll want baby pictures. Amber is just the best photographer I've ever gone to. She does such great things with light and shadow.

I have to share how it all went down last night. It was raining cats and dogs so our idea of going to an urban alley wouldn't work so we went to Anchor Room Christian Bookstore. Folks looked at us a little strangely as we moved tables around and Amber climbed into the window to aim her camera down at me. LOL And we went out into the rain with an umbrella. Poor Diann was the "assistant" and she had to get wet while she held the umbrella over Amber to keep the camera dry. LOL What a fun night though!

Which of these is your favorite?
Colleen Coble  
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I woke up yesterday full of anticipation. A new haircut! Now mind you because of shingles I missed my January haircut so this mop hasn't had scissors to it in FOUR MONTHS! I'm all prepared when I drive to Ft Wayne to see my hairdresser. I've got pictures printed off the internet plus a hairstyle magazine with styles chosen in there. Kim is all excited that we're going for a new look. I sit down in the chair and face. . . THE SCISSORS.

When she brings out those puppies, my heart zips to my throat. What will it look like? Is this a big mistake? Maybe I'll look like a poodle--or even worse--OLDER! I take a deep breath and say nothing as Kim makes the first snip. By the time it's over, my hair litters the floor. LOTS of hair. I'm afraid to look but when I finally do, I love it. I should have done this sooner. It's fluffier than it looks in the picture and the layers released the bounce.

Diann's daughter Amber is going to take some better pictures tonight. I'll post some tomorrow and you can tell me: HOW DO I LOOK? LOL
Colleen Coble  
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“How’s the story going?” a friend asks.

This is the question writers get, and I have my stock answer handy. “Fine,” I reply. “Great! Terrific!” I enhance my answer with enthusiasm for believability.

It’s not a lie. My story will be fine when it’s finished. I know this. Okay, I really, really hope this. But it’s a wishful hoping that makes my answer true.

I can’t say what I’m really thinking. Offering a peek into the mind of a crazed writer will only scare my friend away.

The whole truth is that when I sat down to write this morning and opened my document, I was paralyzed at the sight of the blinking curser.

Then my friend Insecurity comes and perches on my shoulder. “Did you read that stuff you wrote yesterday?” he asks. “Pure dreck. And you call yourself a writer.”

Having just read yesterday’s work, I have to agree. Insecurity has a point. Oh, my gosh. I can’t write. I’m not a writer.

Feeling lonely or perhaps wanting others to share in the fun, Insecurity invites his close cousins Doubt and Fear to join him.

“It’s not just yesterday’s stuff,” Doubt says. “The whole thing reeks.”

But it’s just the first draft, I argue feebly.

“It’s the foundation for a mess,” Fear says. “The plot is boring, the characters are cardboard, and I know a five year-old with better prose. Are you getting paid for this?”

In fact, I have already been paid for this--for writing that reeks. I’m so going to be paying my advance back.

I’m still staring at the blinking curser fifteen minutes later. The laundry calls. The scum on my bathtub is chanting my name. Socks balled up in the corner are laughing at me.

Yeah, there’s a peek into my neurotic mind. Aren’t you glad you asked? Rest assured though, if you pass me on the street and ask how my writing’s going? I’ll just nod my head and say, “Fine, fine.” Unless you’re another writer. Then I’ll let you have you have it and we can commiserate.
Denise Hunter  
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrate good times, Come on!!

I just had to tell you all that my web site has been updated! Whoohoooo!!! It's not real fancy, but it's perfect for me. Go to, and tell me what you think (be nice, I'm feeling fragile).  Be sure to watch how my name comes on in the heading and run your arrow over the coffee cup! Too fun!!  Okay, so maybe I need a life, but I'm way excited! :-)

I also got a new look for my newsletter and as soon as I go through the tutorial and figure out how to send it (remember, I told you I'm technologically-challenged?), I'll be sending it out. 

To help me celebrate, everyone who signs up for my newsletter (who hasn't already) will receive free bookmarks (if you want them). You have to sign up for my newsletter through my web site, though. Then I'll email you for your address. Also, I will have hubby do that random drawing thing again for FIVE people (if at least five sign up!) to receive a free copy of one of my Love Inspired books.  Again, you have to sign up through my newsletter and I'll notify you by email. 

Can't wait to hear what you think! Be sure to check out the friends & fun page.  The pictures on there are the best part. :-)

Oh, here's a happy thought for the day. I saw on the Internet that if you put a crouton on your sundae instead of a cherry, it counts as a salad!!!

Isn't that just the best news?! :-)

Diann Hunt  
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If you could do anything ELSE with your life, what would you do? I think Colleen would be a natural health provider. Am I right C? If you've ever read the Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler, Macon, her main character, never decides ANYTHING in his life. He just sort of floats through life and someone gives him a job. Someone decides to marry him, etc. Personally, I have a hard time with passive folks -- maybe because I'm a bulldozer in comparison, but it got me to thinking how part of life just ends up in your lap.

I majored in advertising because it was journalism-based and I couldn't do math at a higher level to save my life. I only made it out of the required statistics class because it was a Scantron test -- and don't you love the irony of that? I guessed my entire way through that test (if I didn't get a B I wouldn't pass). Well, statistically, I'd say I did okay because I got a B. (Part of it was that the teachers didn't speak English and couldn't answer a question, but that's another issue altogether.)

Anyway, I have always loved watching people, wondering what motivates them, what drives them to do the strange things they do? Why are so many brilliant engineers socially inept? Why do some who call themselves Christians treat people so poorly? Why would any hot guy who looked like Matthew McConnaughey become a priest? (Beth and I attended the ordination of Deacon Dave at the San Francisco Cathedral, where we yelled, "Don't do it Dave!" much to the chagrin of her mother.)

So if I were smarter and more motivated, I think I would have become a psychologist or a psychiatrist. : ) The only thing is you have to listen well, and that might be an issue, I sort of like taking it all in without hearing. : ) What would you do if given another shot? Here's my Monday Morning Aye Aye again. Doesn't that face just make you laugh?
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

It’s finally time to reveal my deep dark secret: I’m a slouch. Don’t let the smallish exterior fool you. I am so out of shape.

The last time this hiney saw the inside of a gym was, well, I think it was 7th grade square dancing.

But a slowing metabolism has a way of shaking a girl up. The pounds are creeping up and I can’t give up my chocolate, you know. So, we bought a treadmill and it arrived today. The men who set it up seemed nice, but I saw the evil amusement glittering behind those eyes—I'm a perceptive writer after all.

I wasted no time in getting started—new toys being so much fun and all. I took advantage of the presets and picked a ready-made routine. With the push of a button I was off and running. Okay, walking.

It start out surprisingly well. 2.5 mph, incline at 0. Maybe I’m in better shape than I think. Then the incline increased automatically and the speed went up to 3.0 mph. Two minutes later, the speed increases to 3.5 mph and the incline? Up, up, up we go.

I’m getting winded and the auto heart rate is telling me my heart is beating too fast. As if I didn’t know that. I mean, I’m climbing Mt. Everest here. If I wanted to climb Mt. Everest would I live in Northern Indiana? The biggest hill around here is the speed bump in the Meijer parking lot and I got a little winded last time I went over that.

I’m really sweating now (did I mention I don’t like to sweat?) and I’m beginning to think this treadmill is possessed. If I run it backward will it whisper evil things?

Thirty minutes later I step off the thing but could swear the floor is still moving. Did I really think I could do this? Where’s that second wind? The exhilaration? All I got is sweat, noodle legs, and some serious second guessing about giving up that chocolate.
Denise Hunter  
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This weekend my husband and I will be married 33 years, and I just realized this morning that I do not know the color of his favorite jelly bean.  You think you know a person.

Now, you may not think that's important, but let's be honest here. The little fact could have cost us the grand prize on The Newlywed Show.

Yes, it's THAT important.

So when he gets home tonight, it's the first thing I'm gonna ask him.

Now it's your turn. Think of the people closest to you. Do you really know them? What's their favorite color of jelly bean? This is the time of year to be finding out. 

By the way, what's YOUR favorite color of jelly bean? Mine is Red . . . and white . . . and, um, purple and . . . I really like chocolate eggs, too, just so you know.
Diann Hunt  
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Monday, March 17, 2008

I spent a lot of time at my Grandma's growing up. My brother had one of the first heart repair surgeries at Stanford and I...had a lot of time at Grandma's house. She and I were a clash of wills. We both loved the same man (my Grandpa!) and in the early days that was about all we had in common. She raised two girls. I had never been around them and let's face it, I tended to think the world revolved around me -- as did my Grandpa. She was determined to tame the shrew within me.

Those were long days when she would find me wasting orange juice by pouring it down the sink (I thought quietly!). She wanted to teach me to sew, I wanted to talk to my imaginary friends and dance around the front yard. She wanted to teach me to cook, I wanted to just eat the results (sometimes I didn't even want to do that!)

My grandmother would do anything for anyone, but she didn't take anyone's garbage. She ran a tight ship. Once, when my cousin wouldn't take a bath, she tossed him in clothes and all. I still remember his shock! She told me she would wash my mouth out with soap if I said something bad -- and she did, quite a few times in fact, and it was NASTY Ivory. Friends, only Lava tasted worse!

But somehow...I do know how to cook. I do know how to bake and I never had a bigger cheerleader. My grandmother never said anything she didn't mean. When she was proud of me, I KNEW she was proud of me. She passed away this morning at 88 -- she never lost her mind, she never lost her vigor and she never lost her strong opinions. I baked cookies with Elle tonight. Grandma, this ones for you. Yeah, I know, I burned the bottom, but it's the stove Grandma, I swear it!

My Grandpa lost his wife of 67 years today. My brother, who is mentally disabled, the woman who listened to him ramble every day of his life on the phone. And I lost my biggest fan and my staunchest motivator. Kristin
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Okay, I'm going to do it. I've over the food poisoning and about to go to the beautician this week. I've been looking at hairstyles and here are five I really like. What do you think? You have a favorite?

My husband actually said I could do what I wanted with my hair. He's never said that in all these years. LOL So that makes me not want to shock him TOO badly. Still, I'm getting older. Thomas Nelson wants me to take a new picture that does look so "come here and talk to me" since I write suspense. They want something slightly more neutral than that one that's at the header on my website. So help me out and give me your opinion.
Colleen Coble  
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Friday, March 14, 2008

You know it's a bad day when . . .

. . . you have to write a blog that starts out that way. 

The alarm decided to sleep in today. Ever had that happen? At least it picked a Friday over a Monday, I'll give it that. But my husband wasn't so merciful. Currently, they're not on speaking terms.

So not a good morning for him. No alarm. Oh, and his towel and wash cloth had been stripped from his bathroom rack (actually, I passed them in the hallway as they marched toward the washing machine). That's where his bad day spilled over to my bad day. 

He stands dripping from head to toe and asks me for a towel (it was my fault, actually, I put his soiled one in the wash last night and forgot to replace it). I didn't do it on purpose. Honest.

The thing is my ears were plugged up. It's a problem I developed over time by stuffing ear plugs halfway up to my brain. Fortunately, I was awake when he needed his towel, or he'd still be standing there, dripping. Just as a side note, that ear thing can be a real blessing when I'm sleeping. I never hear a thing. The dog can snore. My man can snore. I can snore. It just doesn't bother me. (By the way, if you're a boogyman and reading this: though our dog is deaf and I'm temporarily so, the man of the house has a good set of ears, just so you know.)

So I run to the linen closet, forgetting about my ears, and I get dizzy. Well, dizzier than usual. I have to stand there a minute to regain my equilibrium. All this drama is going on while my man patiently stands in the bathroom. Dripping. Our deaf and blind dog has joined us by now. She's up and staring at the wall. I almost trip over her when I run the towel back to hubby. Somehow we survive the morning. Barely.

When my day starts that way I always remember the quote that says:

"You know it's a bad day when the bird singing outside your window is a buzzard."

Yeah, I can relate. How about you? Please tell me you've had mornings like that.
Diann Hunt  
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Writing Life

I think some people are under the impression that the writer's life is a glamorous one. If this is your impression, let me give you a little truth today.

As I said in my newsletter, the Ashley Stockingdale books may get made into a movie. I got a call from the lead actress' manager and spoke about the screenplay, timing, possibilities, etc. Isn't that way cool? Isn't that how you want to believe the writing life is? Yeah, me too.

Then, I came in, cleaned up after my dog, my sons, scrubbed the floor around the toilet, fed the fish, did some laundry and got on the bus for the USGS and a field trip about earthquakes and volcanoes with my fourth grader.

I think God missed my memo. I was not destined for a life of drudgery. Did Cinderella scrub the floors only to be a princess, fit in the glass slippers, then kick them off so she could scrub the floors again? I think not!

I also learned yesterday that I pretty much live ON the San Andreas fault. Not near it mind you...on it. It's time for a new memo. Seriously. Check out Ashley's new cover, how cute is this? Don't you love the citrus?
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sorry I'm late, my friends. I've been sick all night with very bad food poisoning so prayers would be appreciated. And for a very special reason--I'm heading to California on Thursday! I'll get to see Kristin's dog Fiona and see what new bag she's carrying. I'll get to see her new house. AND I'm going back to the scene of the crime where the four of us because such good friends--Mount Hermon Christian Writers' Conference.

Really, I feel responsible for Diann's lung problem. The other girls hadn't gotten to know Di very well yet and she was coming to Mount Hermon with me. But she had a terrible lung infection. Her doctor said she couldn't go so I had her go see my natural doctor I was quite sure Dr. Lambertson would get her fixed in time. Much to my chagrin, Doc also told her not to go. Guess what? We ignored the advice of both doctors and Diann got on that plane. Her lymphoma ball had formed around a chronic infection. We are both sure THAT was the triggering infection so you might say she gave up a lung lobe for our friendship. No wonder I feel guilty!

Mount Hermon has so many great memories for me--Los Gatos coffee which is to die for, pitching the Rock Harbor series to my Ami McConnell and finding my home at Thomas Nelson,the four of us going to Carmel and walking along the water, the time I had the migraine from hell and Kristin came back to check on me (luckily) and got me an Imitrex shot, giggling until all hours of the night in our Hilton hotel room down the street. We weren't campers so we stayed in a luxury place. The first time we tried to stay at a camp location it was at the Glorietta conference and Kristin used all three towels the minute we got there. Carol Cox's towel was on the floor and my towel was around Kristin's hair. So we knew better than to try that again. LOL

So it's going to be a good week. If I can get well so prayers are appreciated!

Got any great memories to share of some fun times with your old friends?
Colleen Coble  
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Monday, March 10, 2008
Kevin and I watched the new show "Here Come the Newlyweds" last night. As a couple who's been married almost 19 years, I have to say I find this show fascinating.

Last night the husbands had to write and deliver a "roast" to their wives in front of a live audience. Their wives didn't know what they were up to until the moment it began.

Now most men would be a little daunted by this task. What to say that pokes fun of his wife without risking her wrath? Hey, that would be easy after 19 years of marriage. A man should know by then what his wife can laugh off and what he should stay far, far away from.

One of these men really sweated through the task of writing it. We saw why when we overheard their conversation at their table when the other men were doing their roasts. The wife was angry that her husband had agreed to this and clearly worried he would reveal something embarrasing about her. She was not exactly a good sport and the husband chucked half of his notecards because he knew it.
Denise Hunter  
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

For those of you who don't know, my tagline is Faith, Froth & A Designer Handbag, which started a discussion among writers about how much we can tell about a person by their handbag/clothing. So I decided, wouldn't it be neat to know if certain Christian writers were garage sale chicks or designer girls? Here it is, a roundup of authors and their favorites and my personal take on their choices:

Let's see, Sunni has good taste, but she's practical. You have to love that:

"I'm not a big handbag gal, but I love a good black leather shoulder bag, like Coach. However, it got too heavy for my shoulder, so I now carry an Ameribag microfiber shoulder sling (medium sized)."


Deb has a nice purse, but needs to justify it. I can easily help her with that if she's interested:

Right now I'm carrying a red leather hobo-ish style Sereta (had to go look at the tag to find out the brand...I don't give a hoot about namebrand) that I bought a year ago Christmas on sale at JCPenney. The pricetag said $80 but it was on sale for 50% off plus I had a coupon for $10 off any purchase, so got it for $30, which is still a LOT for me to spend on a purse. But I figured since it's leather it would last a long time, plus I love the red color. I'll probably carry it for at least 2 more years, unless I find another great sale that allows me to switch. I have one little evening bag my mother-in-law gave me about 20 years ago that I use for dressy events, but other than that, I never change back and forth between purses. If I get a new one, I either throw the old one away because it's worn out, or I give it to Goodwill.

Deborah Raney
sequel to REMEMBER TO FORGET from Howard Books/Simon & Schuster
A VOW TO CHERISH the novel that inspired the award-winning World Wide Pictures film
Visit my website at:

Cheryl stays in the background with her bag, but don't be fooled, she's watching you closely and taking everything in:

I carry the smallest black handbag, simple in design, thin shoulder strap that is wearing out because I've had it for several years. I just learned I didn't need to carry much more than that purse will hold, and it's much easier on my shoulder.

Nancy's practical, but not afraid to say, I could do it better next time:

Hmmm. Not sure what my purse says about me...
I'm attaching a picture. I like handbags made of cloth. They're easier to "stuff stuff" into. Actually, I bought this purse from a picture on the Internet, but it's a little smaller than I'd like. My last purse was quilted - but larger. So, I'm on the lookout for a new one already! LOL!

Nancy Mehl
Look for 'In the Dead of Winter,' first in the 'Winter Break Series' from Barbour Books (Heartsong Presents: Mysteries) - January 2008

Gayle makes her choice based on health. Fashion is not the issue. She's wearing the flats, not stilettos, of handbags.

I carry one of those brown leather back bag, the ones that take the weight off your shoulder and support it at the hip. It looks like an inverted apostrophe. It never stays on my shoulder and things get rearranged in it all the time (not by my doing) but it is much better for my shoulder and neck. Definitely makes a difference even though it's not pretty.


Gayle Roper
..doing puzzles can be murder
coming June, 2008

Rachel knows herself. She knows quality is an issue, and so she spends money up front so she doesn't have to do it later! She's also strong because Dooney's are heavy leather. : )

I carry a chocolate brown Dooney and Burke. Why? Because they are well made. The look great and they last. I've gone the Wal-Mart, generic handbag route and always get frustrated. They are cheap and don't endure.I used to be a Liz Claiborne handbag nut, but even her bags didn't last as long for the money I pay.

I like quality. So far, Dooney and Burke is quality.

Sweet Caroline, Feb 2008, Thomas Nelson

Janelle is a mom who loves purple and isn't afraid to show it!

I carry a big lavender leather handbag, would could probably double as a small suitcase for someone else. I bought it from Daytimers because I love every shade of purple, and I wanted leather for its durability. I love my big, beautiful bag! (It also comes in handy when I'm out with the kids and get the inevitable, "Mom, would you carry this for me?" I can oblige as long as the object being presented is smaller than a hockey stick. :-))

Kathy says, forget this girl stuff, just let me outta here!

I'll share. It clearly marks me for who I am (since it's a beat-up leather backpack)

Lenora says, forget this Christian poverty business!! I love handbags and I'm not afraid to say so, check out my closet! She's my soul sister:

I love purses. I have about fifty. I go from huge chunky totes (just bought a great LUCKY Brand one that is patchwork) to very small clutches. My friends marvel at how much I can get into a little six inch evening clutch. My favorite bags--Brighton--have two of those, Coach--have two of those--Louis Vuitton--have one of those, the great doctor bag one, Hobo--have two of those, and I have a glitzy Kathy. The rest are an assortment of tote bags and evening type bags since I also freelance as a social reporter/photographer for a magazine here in Shreveport. I will spend 10 dollars on a great bag or save up and splurge every now and then--as with my Louie and my Coach (although my husband gave me one of the Coach bags for my birthday and I was so shocked I danced around the house--who knew the man even had an inkling that I would love that bag???) But having said all of that, expensive purses do not make the woman. It's the fun in a purse that attracts me. If it's lively and comfy and interesting then I'm not picky about the price. I think a purse should fit the mood. Sometimes I'm in a fun mood--as with my Lucky tote. Sometimes I want to look a bit more classy, so I go with Brighton or my Louie then. And sometimes I just want to be a recluse in the middle of the universe so I pull out a green canvas envelope bag I bought at wal-mart for about twelve bucks and head off to just get lost. I like purses that hold all the essentials but where I can also tuck away little slices of life--a bible verse on a business card, a phone number from a friend, a bit of chocolate and a good book. Sometimes I leave the house with my ID, a charge card and some cash, an ink pen and a lipstick. Other times, I carry anything I can get in there, just in case.
Oh and one other thing I love about all my purses--the way they get better with age. The patina seems to change as the years go by and that makes me feel safe--they fit my arm just right because we've traveled together and each wrinkle is a memory of those travels and every bit of treasure I find later reminds me of those memories.

Lenora :)

Warmhearted, Wholesome, Worthwhile
Books by Lenora Worth ( )
September 2007--Secret Agent Minister

Mindy may not be a fashionista, but she's a great enough mother to avoid embarrassing her kids. Personally, I thrive on it!

Hey Kristin, here's my handbag theory: No matter what size bag I carry, I will fill it to the max. Therefore, I always buy the smallest possible purse that doesn't make me look like a little girl headed to Sunday School. Once my teenagers are grown and gone, I'll go back to my favorite "purse", the reliable fanny pack. (RIght now, I'm not allowed as that causes my offspring agonizing shame. MUH-ther!) For me, smaller is better. And black or dark brown only, as they don't show as much wear and tear or dirt.

Mindy, who is obviously not a fashionista

As for me? Well, duh. I have a fetish. I'm not into the matchy/matchy thing and I hate brown and basic colors, so I have great bags in pink, yellow, cream, the Coach signature, etc. My favorite is Coach because I love the different styles and the quality of leather without being too heavy. Right now, I'm carrying a Dooney & Burke and I love the style, but the fabulous big hardware pulls at my shoulder. My thing is buttah leather. I don't care about brand, but I love good, Italian leather most of all. If I could I would carry probably a Farragamo or Bottega or Tod's. But I'm the mother of four and I don't want to put a used lollipop in a Tod's. So there you have it, what does YOUR purse say about you?
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lombard Street, San Francisco -- the closest I'll get to society!

The other night I watched the new Bravo show, "The Housewives of New York City". I cannot identify at all, I have to say. I can identify with the California girls from the OC, probably more than I'd like to admit, but the NYers and their version of "busy" really gets to me.

I mean the OC girls don't try to pretend their spa treatments and botox shots aren't for vanity. But with NY, they take out their "invitations" of all their important events coming up: things like gallery openings, fashion shows, political fundraisers and the gal proudly states, "In NY society, you buy your way in."

Now, I'm sorry, but that is really sad to me. I don't want friends I have to buy quite frankly. Sure, we live around people we're comfortable with, but to take pride in the fact that you can run with this group, how sad!

I used to live near Los Altos Hills, and it felt like this there. You joined the same country clubs, you drove the same cars, your kids tried to get into the right schools, etc. In the interest of disclosure, I'm not a joiner and I never fit in -- though I will say I did get into the ten year anniversary behemoth diamond thing. That was a competition I could sink my teeth into, though I never wear the ring now. It feels obvious. But not being a joiner, I like rag tag friends who don't seem to fit into a set group.

Anyway, all these women from NYC talked like we in the rest of the world totally envy them, and all I could think was how sad and isolated their life seemed. My aunt married into San Francisco society, and it was much like this and maybe that's where I got my aversion to being nice to the "right" people. It also might have come from working for the ultimate social climber at the Fairmont. Who knows??

Lady Catherine de Bourgh is alive and well. Kill the beast! : ) But please, do not feed it! They will never be satiated. Know anyone like this?

Kristin Billerbeck
Join us tomorrow for a special look at author's handbags and how their personality fits the bag!
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I tried to say nothing. Really I did. But when I'm proved right, it's such a red letter day because it happens so seldom. So I just had to share it with my friends here.

But first a cute video to share about it. This is how I feel with Sunday approaching:

Okay, had a chuckle imagining me doing this? Don't laugh, it might actually be that bad! LOL Now, drum roll please. DAYLIGHT SAVING DOESN'T SAVE ENERGY!! I've been saying all along that all the studies were done decades ago and didn't reflect our current life styles. Indiana's idiot governor forcing daylight saving down our throat gave scientists the ideal way to actually test it. According to a study done by the University of California, Indiana's shift caused electricity costs to rise $8.6 MILLION per year and increased social costs of pollution emissions an extra $5.3 million.

Of course it's poor comfort at the moment when the change is staring me in the face come Sunday. LOL

Now onto an even more fun subject. I'm already having so much fun waiting for my new grandbaby to come. Today was an interesting day because Donna found a test called Intelligender that is supposed to predict the baby's sex and has a 90% accuracy rate (supposedly) so I got it for her. She took it this morning and it said GIRL! But even as I was dreaming of pink frilly dresses and bows in the hair, Donna and I did some more research and ran across a couple of pregnancy forums where MANY women had tried the test and it had not been accurate. So our bubble was burst and we don't know what we're getting. Have any of you tried it or any of the other home gender tests? There's one that tests DNA with pricking your finger.

I suppose we just have to resign ourselves to being patient. LOL
Colleen Coble  
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There's something wonderful about a great cover isn't there? Maybe it's my artistic background, but a catchy color combination and great design make me want to stop and stare.

That's how I feel about the cover on The Convenient Groom (Thomas Nelson, April '08). It's so pretty, I just want to sit and look at it. The colors, the tulle, the ocean . . . I have to say, hands down, I think it's the best cover I've ever had.

If you've been around Christian fiction a few years, you know that covers have come a long way. A great cover makes you want to dig right into to the story, and today's covers makes you wish you had more book money.

Here are some of my favorites CBA covers. It's obvious I'm attracted to soft and romantic. I'm sure the others might have a different take.

In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols

Love Starts with Elle by Rachel Hauck

The Measure of a Lady by Deanne Gist

Jumping in Sunset by Dawn Ringling

Breach of Promise by James Scott Bell

What about you? What are the covers that knock your socks off? The most memorable ones? The ones that begged you to pick them up off the shelf and take them home?

Denise Hunter  
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Monday, March 03, 2008

Sometimes I wonder if the flu shot is all it's cracked up to be. Last year I got one for the first time, and I seemed to have more colds than I've ever had in one season.  So this year I opted not to have the shot. I got sick for a couple of days, but nothing major. Well, besides that little missing lung thing.

And the doctor just plain makes me nervous. She walks into my room, flips her rubber gloves into place, lifts a smile so wicked, it could have won her Jack Nicholson's spot in The Shining, and I'm starting to wonder just how important this little procedure is to my health. 

So what's the deal with the flu shot--do you think it's worth having or is it just another hassle? 
Diann Hunt  
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