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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SafeInHisArms New 195x300

I'm just finishing up a book, and we will be heading to Cambodia next week. That's right--Cambodia! As in the Killing Fields and the Siem Reap temples. We're excited but a little scared too as we're immersed into a totally different culture. Dave was in Thailand during the Vietnam War so he's familiar with Southeast Asia, but it's been over 40 years since he was there. So there will be massive changes too.

We will be routing through Seoul as well so that's going to be exciting. We're traveling on Korean Air, a 22 hour flight. Are any of you world travelers out there? I would love some tips on traveling to such a completely different place. And please pray for us! 

And some of you have asked for an update on Diann. She is at the Treatment Center where they discovered some new small bits of cancer on her omentum but NOT on any organs, praise God! They've started her on a new chemo, and the doctor believes her extreme weakness is dehydration so hopefully extra IVs will fix that. Please continue to pray for her!

And now for the winners of Safe in HIs Arms!

Dorene Carse

Jordan Garner

Cat B

If you'd all send me your address, I'll get the books shipped out. My email is Congratulations!

Colleen Coble  
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At 5:30 PM, Blogger Richard Mabry said...

Colleen, Praying for your safety. You're more courageous than I.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Colleen, I admire you. Of course you know not to go to sleep when you get there, but wait until night. Don't brush your teeth with the water. Pack toilet paper. Pack anti-nausea and other meds. Shoot, you're the world traveler, you know this stuff better than I do, but having traveled to a country that is low on funds, those are the things that are difficult to get, and on that long a flight, a large percentage of people do get sick. Don't pack a lot of clothing, just carry washables and don't worry about making a fashion statement. Brace yourself for jet lag when you get back home.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger jel said...

y'all take care !!

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Jon and Vicki Marney said...

I travel all the time w/ my husband for business, sometimes overseas as well. I have not been to Cambodia, but I HAVE been to Seoul & we enjoyed it, but the flight IS a long one! Try to get some sleep on the flight, but unless you are fortunate to sit in 1st class, expect to get sore on such a long flight! I also suggest taking Melatonin with you--it helps to reset your inner time clock, yet is natural, (available most anywhere that carry's supplements.

I agree with the suggestions from Hannah but, besides packing TP & anti-nausea, you might also want to consider the following. I always take a bag filled with flu & cold meds, cough drops & over the counter meds for bladder infections and yeast, because it is difficult to find those things if you end up needing them (try telling a pharmacist who doesn't speak much English what you need, as I did while, in Paris when I got a bladder infection, because I didn't drink enough water while there)--I ended up having to see a DR. because their cranberry pwder, didn't do the job (and everything seems to be powders rather than pills). Another time, when I was trying to get something for a sore throat, when I got back to the hotel and asked them to tell me the instructions, I found out the gave me something for upset stomach! Most of the time, I don't need it, but the times when I do, I'm thankful to have brought my own little 1st aid med-kit.

Also,I usually take about a week more than I need of my prescriptions, just in case we end up somehow gone longer than expected & if you wear glasses it is always a good idea to carry an extra pair and/or prescription, in case something happens to your reg. pair.

And last of all, don't be afraid to explore and see new things, and ENJOY!


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