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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Did you hear that scream this morning? That was me leaping out of bed to pack. Two days. TWO DAYS! Then the five of us will be together at the ACFW conference. This is the highlight of our year. Amber Zimmerman, Di's daughter, is a fabulous photographer. If you click on her name, you'll be taken to her website. Anyway, she's going to take some fun pics of the five of us this week. If you listen closely, you'll be able to hear us laughing starting on Thursday.

I'm taking gluten free chocolate chip cookies (made with almond flour) and some fabulous candy for snacks. We're going to see our fabulous agent, Karen Solem, as well. I haven't seen Karen in a year and can't wait to hug her. She was laughing yesterday when we talked and wasn't sure she'd recognize me. I told her she'e recognize my loud voice. LOL My darling Ami McConnell will be there. I just saw her at Thomas Nelson two weeks ago, but it will be fun to be all together again. Natalie Hanemann and Allen Arnold are both coming from Thomas Nelson too, so all of my peeps will be in one place. That just NEVER happens so to say I'm excited this week is an understatement. :-)

I'm looking forward to my mentoring appts too. I'm chatting with ten gals about their careers and I adore talking about writing.

All in all, there will be too much coffee, too much laughing, too much chocolate (Debrand truffles) and too much camaraderie to stand it. Oh wait, is that even possible? :-) Oh and MAJOR news! I'll get to see The Lightkeeper's Bride for the first time!!!! It is shipping to stores this week.

What about you? How is your week going. Need us to pray for you or have something you want to share we can rejoice with you about?

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Colleen Coble  
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At 9:24 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Can't wait!!! Whooohoooo!!!

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Me neither. It's just one of the highlights of the year!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

No louder than me, Colleen!! My suitcase is packed, at least the first layer. :D The clothes are folded and on the dresser just waiting to be lowered into the case and zipped up. LOL

I want one of those cookies and find out where you're getting the almond flour. I've ground almonds up to use for breading fish and chicken, but never bought any to bake with. I'll bet it adds a wonderful layer of yumminess. After all, regular wheat flour tastes like ... well, paste!

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

I buy my almond flour here, Ane!

It is FABULOUS! You can find great recipes for it at

At 9:59 AM, Blogger jel said...

Y'ALL have a safe trip there and back, and have a GREAT time TOO! :)

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Rachel Overton said...

My family and I are traveling to Louisville, KY this weekend for our own "little bash"--the National Quartet Convention. This is southern gospel music's big annual shindig. My daughter, Caitlin, will be competing in their soloist talent search on Friday. She has a bit of a cold, so if you all would like to pray for her (that she'll feel better AND do well!), we would appreciate it very much. To win or even place in this contest would be a really big deal and open lots of doors for her. You can learn more about her at She's only 15, but God is using her already, and I am so privileged to be her mom!

HAVE FUN at ACFW, friends!!

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

THat sounds so fun, Rachel!!!

Thanks, jel. We'll report back. :)

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Wendy Paine Miller said...

Oh, I hope you ladies have so much fun reconnecting and I hope I get to meet you there.
~ Wendy

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Ruthie said... gotta keep it down to a dull roar, ya know. Those of us who live in the area need to sleep! LOL

Have a wonderful time. And sometime during your stay in Indy, face south and wave at me. I'm sure I'll see it. (Ha! With all those tall buildings downtown? Not a chance! But I'll feel the wave anyway. *smile*)

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Jaime said...

*Jaime gives long drawn out scream*
*Jaime gives even longer drawn out scream*
*Jaime is hoarse from screaming*

I fly in on Friday ... I need to collect on some hugs from you guys, get my first big hug from Ane (my Genesis contest calm-me-downer) and meet my blog buddy Wendy!



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