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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
There is nothing better than the wonder of a child at Christmas. This year Punky is old enough (3) to really enjoy it. We went to church with the kids and she was big enough to pay attention to the video about Jesus and the story the pastor told the children. I watched her little face filled with wonder and it blessed me so much to see the new generation begin to absorb what Jesus did for us.

I was smiling as I read Denise's blog yesterday and it reminded me how even gift-giving is individual. She's great at keeping secrets. I, uh, am not so much. LOL I got the girls Pandora necklaces. There are two charms. One says Best Friend and the other is a teal bead. Teal is for ovarian cancer and it was a reminder to us all of how we've stood shoulder to shoulder with Di and how our friendship has been blessed as we've gone through the fire together. It's a symbol of our belief that with God's help, she will beat the beast. So even as the girls are opening their bags, I'm showing them the necklace around my own neck and telling them all it stands for. LOL I couldn't even wait for them to pull the paper from the top of the box!

So that's why I wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping. I'd end up giving it to the person before Christmas if it's in my house too long! Denise, on the other hand, could probably buy those presents a year out and happily wait with anticipation of the big moment. Cracks me up how different we all are! So how about you? Can you keep the presents secret without much problem or are you like me?


Colleen Coble  
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At 3:14 PM, Blogger Sandie said...

heh I am like you - I CAN buy gifts ahead and hold them, but I WANT to just buy and give all year long. Then at Christmas do it again. LOL My family creates wishlists and I would like to just buy everything they put on there. Where I see a need/wish I like to see it fulfilled. Of course, that would work well if I were independently wealthy! As it is, I shop the couple months before Christmas. I also shop online as much as possible since I don't drive in the city.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger jel said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Ruthie said...

I can keep a secret. However, one year I found something DH really wanted on sale in July. So I put it away and when Christmas came, I couldn't remember why I bought it! And when I did remember, DH couldn't remember why he wanted it! Now my shopping is done a respectible 3 to 4 weeks before Christmas.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Jaime Wright said...

Secrets?? What are those?!?! :) :) :)

At 12:12 PM, Blogger jel said...

I reread my comment, deleted, I was sleepwriting i guess :(

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

I guess I'm not totally weird then. :)

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Linda G said...

If I buy a present too early I tend to forget where I put it.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Linda G said...

If I buy a present too early I tend to forget where I put it.


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