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Friday, October 19, 2012

Love comes in many sizes and packages. Comfort, as well, can be brought to us in different guises. This little darling, for example, our Data, was named after Star Trek TNG's sentient robot. We raised him from kittenhood. At first I thought he was a she, so we took "her" in to be spayed and named her Joy. Well, the tech brought her out with a grin. "Guess you'd better name this little one "Boy Joy," because he's not a she." Data has grown into a mighty hunter, and though we won't go into that, I'm proud of his skills and I appreciate his loving tenderness, his cuddles, his tendency to come and get me if one of the other cats are standing in a window, wanting in. He actually whines until I go let them in. Not only that, but if I'm cooking something and forget and leave it on the stove, he comes and tells me and waits for me to follow him, then stands and looks at the pot on the stove, and the timer beeping. Mama-cat's helper

Whereas I would consider Data to be a phlegmatic personality, taking everything in stride, taking for granted he's the most loved because he was cherished as a kitten, our cat above, Teddy Bear, is exactly the opposite She's choleric. That means bossy. She not only bosses around the other cats, she also tries her hardest to boss us around. She believes she's queen of the roost even if she is getting a little older, missing her top fangs. She still has the longest claws, the scariest hiss and growl. She's also the one who wants to stay inside with us on a beautiful day, holler for us from another room and pretty much make a nuisance of herself. Why does she get away with it? She has class. I made her stay outside yesterday, and when the repairman came to the door, I saw her standing regally beside him, her head raised for him to pet her. And he did. She conned him.

We have two more cats, just no pictures of them on my computer tonight. These pets own us with a kind and loving compassion. When I'm in pain, they seem to know, and they crawl on my lap and purr. They are a gift from God--or at least, I think that way some of the time. What about your pets? We haven't discussed them lately. What animal (or perhaps reptile or other living thing) gives you joy as  you care for it daily? I truly believe that rescuing our strays is an act of service that God honors.
Hannah Alexander  
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At 10:34 AM, Blogger Mary-Louise said...

We own a toy poodle. All small dog attitude when the doorbell rings. But she loves, loves, loves to run. When I am out biking, she can keep up with me biking my fastest (roughly 25 mph)for about a third of a mile. This is especially true when we race our way back to the house... probably the food dish motivates her?? It's either that or her bed...

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Mary-Louise, I once had two little dogs who went hiking with me. Their names were Amity and Sable. I could hike ten miles and they were happy, especially when it had just rained. They loved to run through puddles and then shake the mud all over me. We do love our animals.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Candice Sue said...

I've had my cat, Baby Kitty, for almost twelve years now. Even though my husband is not a cat person, he tolerates the cat for my sake. Baby Kitty is my reading partner. When he sees me grab a book and settle into the recliner, he joins me seconds later. He's been with us through four moves, three kids, and never left my side when I had H1N1 a few years back. He's my buddy!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

What a loving kitty, Candice Sue. My Data jumps in my lap at every opportunity. Actually, all our cats will when given half a chance. I don't know why we have such affectionate cats, but even grumpy Teddy Bear loves a good snuggle. I know why you love your Baby Kitty.


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