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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
My name is Kristin and I have a book addiction. Easily taken care of by the free library down the street you're thinking. But unfortunately, I also have this weird thing about library books. I cannot help but think of George Costanza in the bathroom with that giant book on Seinfeld and the library...well, I just can't do it. I can't read someone else's book (unless a friend gives it to me, that's different.) I don't know where that book has been. It's not mine. I can't drop it into the bathtub. I will have to pay as much for it because I will probably lose it, so I have sworn off libraries and with as much as I read, it's an expensive addiction. I went to Barnes & Noble the other day. There was a new Thomas Hardy biography. I led with this, "I'm just going to go in, get the Hardy biography, nothing else and come out..." Much like an alcoholic says he's going to a bar and going to have a Pepsi. I cannot be let loose in the bookstore. $110 later, i was done. And here's the really bad part, I'm half way through with all the books and I haven't read the Hardy one yet!

First, I saw this cover of a nerdy kid and it said, "Kick Me". Just made me laugh, then I find out that it's from the writer of "Freaks & Geeks", one of the best, albeit short-lived TV shows on television. I HAD to get that. Then, I'd been investing so I had to know how women should invest. I bought the book, "Nice Girls Don't Get Rich". I thought, hey, I'm not that nice, I'd like to be rich, that book is for me. It goes on from there with my book choices and in the end, I hope I will be better for them, but the reality is, I really should deal with my library issue.

Coming to you live from my new Apple Computer. I've made the switch and so far, so good. Kristin
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At 10:49 AM, Blogger Katy said...

Somewhere in this house, there's an overdue library book. I mean REALLY overdue. It's a children's book, a Yiddish fable called "It Could Always Be Worse." I love this book so much that a few years ago, I bought copies for each of my three kids and myself. (It's been in print forever.)

But I've still got the library book....somewhere. My kids have been grown ups for a while. I think the book was due in the neighborhood of 1986, but I could be off by a decade.

Someday, the library will get their book back. In the meantime, I've probably donated 500 books to them!

I'm sticking with you, Kristin!! Bookstores, baby! I do purchase hardbacks at for $9.95. If they're not books I'll want forever, I can easily resell them for that price or a little less to Half Price Books.

Katy McKenna

At 11:50 AM, Blogger eileen said...

B&N? Does Half-Priced books give you the same creepy feel as a library? What about steam, um, guess pages would shrivel. Sigh. Author donations? Sheesh. What an expensive addiction. I, on the other hand, have been blessed and get books sent to me to review! Woohoo. Of course, I don't have 4 kids and a bazillion contracts to keep up with either. Guess B&N is lucky to have you back in the city.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

I like to go INTO the bookstore, that's also a problem. I am not an Amazon or online girl, I want to FEEL it baby. LOL Yes, BN was less of a problem when it was 40 minutes away. Now, I'm within ten minutes of three of them!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

LOL! I never thought about that with library books before I met you, Kristin, and now I just can't enjoy them the same--well, not without gloves anyway.

Just reading your blog makes me want to make a trip to B&N!!

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Keisha.Michelle said...

I'm with you, Kristin. Library books are creepy! But oh, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Lifeway, oh goodness, I'm about to go insane right now. I'm going to leave work on my lunch break and go look around now. Something about all that knowledge and entertainment held up in one place together. I just feel smarter in the bookstore. And I'm like you, I have to go IN the bookstore. Online is for quick birthday or Christmas gifts.

I'm off...feels like lunch time to me.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Jaime said...

Trust me, when your husband's a full time seminary student and you're working buckoo hours to pay the bills, you learn to LOVE THE LIBRARY!!! :) :) ... ignoring the cootees is a trick, but I will say this ... books that are of the Christian genre are ALWAYS in better and cleaner condition than the smokey secular ones. So, if you stay in the Christian zone, you may be cleaner :)

Of course ... I ALWAYS set aside money in the budget to BUY your gals' books! :) I just preordered Colleen's new book coming out.

Ok - I'm done blabbering

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Dana said...

People with book addictions don't get rich either. ;) I can't say anything though... I used to think I wanted to work in a bookstore then I realized they'd have to pay me in books. Ha ha... But now I'll be in Africa and totally at my friends' mercy in getting books!!

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Tina said...

So funny. I DO have my kids wash their hands after we browse through library shelves.

I love to own books, but I keep having to wash my hands more and more, since as a writer I can't afford my habit anymore!!!!

Seriously, from someone involved heavily with my local library, I have to say don't worry. I don't think anyone has ever caught anything big from a book.

I gotta go even if there are germs there! If not for libraries, parks, and my local botanic gardens (still free!), I would have never had a nice place to take my little girl in the days when I was broke.

Is Kristin just trying to justify her habit? LOL.

To save money, keep hand sanitizer near your library books and in your pocket when you go to the library. LOL.

From TF
More than you bargained for in a fun post about library book cooties. LOL.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Judy said...

If everyone felt like most of you, I'd be out of a job! LOL

Not that I couldn't tell you a few true stories such as the book returned with a banana peel used as a bookmark. I won't even go into the story of the red-faced father who returned the toilet training book that his two-year-old dropped in the toilet.

Librarian Judy

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

Judy, Kristin is alone in her fetish. LOL I LOVE libraries! They are my favorite place. Everyone knows me well at my library. :-) I've practically lived there since I could turn a page.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Pattie said...

Oh, Kristin, I'm SOOOO with you. In fact, because of the holidays, I put myself on a "DO NOT BUY ANY NEW BOOKS IN JANUARY" restriction. I broke it last week, however, with a coupon and the new Monk book for my Hubby. :)

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Kayla said...

Kristin, how's the get rich book? I'm a very nice girl but learning new ways.

I remember my first Barnes and Noble experience. I was 6, on vacation at Hilton Head Island, and had only been in a very tiny Waldenbooks. I was amazed! A couple years later I had saved up $100 for that vacation and spent it all on new books. Then we got a Borders in our mall and Waldenbooks went kaputt. I love going to bigger bookstores, though. If I had a B&N here, it would be all over for my bank account :) Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington was also a nice experience.

I used to go to the library all the time, but somehow books lose a good bit of luster when covered in plastic.

And our librarians are really mean.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Winter said...

I've been boycotting our local library. They tried to stick one of my boys with an overdue book fine, when they checked the book out under the wrong name. If ought it, and haven't heard anything about it since. Needless to say, if you can't keep your patrons straight, then why should I pay--I live just out of city limits so I have to pay dues every year. BLECH!

But my TBR is piling up, so I better stick to the books at home first.

My husband's and my idea for a date night is dinner and the bookstore. LOL! Never leave without at least 2 books, one for each of us.

Enjoy that Apple, my hubby knew what he was talking about when he told me he was buying one over a year ago. I love our MAC and I'll never go back.

At 1:31 AM, Blogger Ellie said...

"Everywhere have I sought peace and found it nowhere, save in a corner with a book" Thomas a Kempis

At 12:13 PM, Blogger One More Writer said...

I'm with you, Kristin. Perhaps we should start a BA group. "Hello, my name is D'Ann and I'm a book addict."

I can't stand the thought of "giving back" a book that has become a part of me through the reading of it!

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Now I feel badly I passed on my book freakishness. Oh and the get rich book, let's just say I made her richer buying it. LOL Kristin

At 1:11 AM, Blogger Lynette Sowell said...

OH. I *loved* Freaks and Geeks. I hope that De** computer worked out. :)

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Just thought I'd add my voice to the masses and say I, too, am addicted. And it doesn't matter if I still have stacks of books to read, there's always that tiny little fear that maybe one day I will run out of books to I buy more.
I probably singlehandedly pay at least one Amazon employee's salary. i love online purchases. Ok, there's another addiction....getting packages in the mail makes me happy like nothing else!


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