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Friday, October 30, 2009
When Mel and I were talking about what I might blog about last Friday, he suggested swine flu H1N1. I thought that was a little boring so I went with cats, instead. Of course, then Diann's family got hit really hard with flu this week, so I was sorry I didn't take Mel's advice. I know she's already blogged about it, but I'd like to do it again. Her family is still struggling, so when you get this blog, would you please pray for our Diann and her family as they fight this influenza? It may be H1N1, which seems quite widespread, and the fever and misery is sweeping through her family. Please pray for quick healing and a special blessing on Diann for being the go-to mama for the family, even when she's feeling sick, as well. She even critiqued my synopsis this morning in the middle of everything else. She's a great friend.

For those of you who don't have it, be warned that it is spreading more quickly amongst the kids this year. The theory about that is that we older adults were partially immunized when swine flu came through years ago. The kids were not. My husband, who is an ER doc, has noticed that H1N1--if that is, indeed, what's hitting us--is milder than flu of years past, so don't panic if you get it, or if your children get it. They are using Tamiflu, which seems to help, but in many places, pharmacies have run out of the liquid Tamiflu for kids because they were caught off guard--didn't expect the children to be so affected. Many hospitals are blocking children below the age of 14 to enter unless they are actually patients. So don't listen to all the hype about how deadly H1N1. Thousands die from the flu each year, but Mel has observed that so far, it seems the death toll is not as high as in years past.

Please don't forget to pray for swift recovery for Diann's whole family.

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Hannah Alexander  
posted at 11:56 AM  
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At 8:37 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

THANK YOU for those words on H1N1. The media is hyping it to scare-tactic levels and yet I keep personally hearing from the medical community that it's not as bad as all that.

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Edna said...

my granddaughter had the H1N1 but they caught it early and all she had to do was stay isolated at home and not work or go to college, they gave her the Tama flu medication and a zpack, She was fine today.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Hannah. It is scary. A friend's daughter got swept through the entire class. But they didn't give her tamiflu because she's not in a high risk category. She just stayed isolated and took tylenol and advil to fight the constant fever, and now she's doing well.

My husband's young cousin died from the flu earlier this year (turns out he had an underlying heart condition). This tragedy is never far from my mind, but I also don't want to go crazy with worry. I think it's good to talk about it openly so we don't fall into panic mode. Tx again.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Leticia said...

I have decided not to let the public school inoculate my boys with the H1N1 vaccine. I have read about some of the ingredients that the CDC has chosen not to publicize and I do not want any of it being injected into my children.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

My dad is a doctor and he says H1N1 is much ado about nothing. At his annual ACP meeting back in the spring they didn't even deem it worthy of passing conversation in the hallway or elevator chat.

It's no more dangerous than regular flu, unless you're in the usual high-risk groups of young children, the chronically ill and the elderly.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Cheri said...

Hi Cheryl,
So far, my family members have been very fortunate. As far as I know, everyone has stayed well. I also heard that if you are over 59 (yes, I am--just, LOL), we have immunity from back then when a flu swept over the US.

It does break my heart that so many babies and young people/adults have been getting SO sick. I think it is the complications of the flu that can be so deadly, or waiting too long to see the doctor. It is concerning though, to hear of so many that are sick.

There is always flu going around at this time of the year and they say it will go around again in January. I agree, this doesn't seem to be any deadlier than some of the others. I remember the Hong Kong flu during the 70's, that hit a couple of my family members very, very hard. I don't know if it is connected to H1N1 or not--

"Father, I pray for Diann's family. Heal them quickly and let new strength flow through their bodies. Protect those who haven't gotten it yet and let their lives get back to normal as quickly as possible. I also pray for your healing in all who are sufferieng with the flu. In Jesus Name, Amen"!
In Christ,


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