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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well, sadly, my hair is starting to thin, so I've decided to get a new wig. The good news is I like the wig. However, it does look much better on Raquel Welch, doggone her. Doesn't she ever age?

Anyway, I get the thing out of the box, shake it up real good and work with it on my hair. I put my makeup on, and I'm feeling pretty snazzy when I leave the house. Might even say I had a smidgen of pride over my new do.

It's funny how God has a way of helping us with that pride thing.

I go to my daughter's house to show her my new style and we suddenly notice that in the back of my hair, a tag is peeking out--okay, it's not peeking. It's standing at full attention and a huge orchestra is playing, "Turn around, look at me."

Then I meet up with someone I had never met before, a new friend (ovarian cancer survivor), and she's from out of town. I'm wearing the wig. She has her dog with her. The dog is on a leash and somehow gets wrapped around me and she swings the leash over my head, barely missing the wig by centimeters. I could visualize my wig flying through the air and the dog pulverizing it.

Let's face it, I'm not the classy type. Audrey Hepburn can go to Tiffany's for breakfast while I down a burrito at McDonald's. It's my life. And I guess truth be told, I'm okay with that.

Tell me I'm not the only one. Any other brave soul out there care to admit your life isn't always picture perfect? ;-)

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Diann Hunt  
posted at 9:36 AM  
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At 10:20 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

Only you, Di, only you! LOL I can just picture this scene.

I LOVE the wig!!! It's enough to make me want one. My most humiliating moment was at church once. My skirt got caught in the waistband of my pantyhose. Oh the embarrassment!

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Denise Hunter said...

Oh, C, how awful. I'd be mortified.

Thanks for the laugh, Di! You're so funny. And I love your new wig! You look gorgeous, girl!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

Oh I was totally mortified! Even now , my chest tightens when I think of it. LOL

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Oh, Colleen, my kindred spirit. Couldn't you just see us walking the Red Carpet? You with your skirt tucked in your waistband (cameras clicking wildly) and me with the tag waving from my hair (Minnie Pearl has nothing on me).

Say what you will about wigs, there's something nice about shrugging it on at the last minute when hubby decides to go somewhere. :-)

Oh, and hey! I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes!!!

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

THAT is a huge benefit, Di. A wig can cover the head. Eyelashes and eyebrows are more difficult. :)

Your scene made me shudder. LOL

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

Ah, my lack of sophistication knows no bounds, so I'm there with you. You know, I was going thru the channels last night, and Chelsea Lately was on. Her hair had grown and I guess she had extensions on, but the whole time I was watching, she was scratching at her head, and I thought even a TV star gets annoyed with stuff on their head. It's not just us. LOL

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Tonya said...

I love the wig, it's great :)
A couple of years ago I went to the dr's, my mom went with me & I had just gotten my hair cut. The nurse
says " I like your hair, it looks nice"
I said, "thank you" &
She said "I was talking to your mom"

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

LOL, Tonya! I feel your pain! :-)

At 3:49 PM, Blogger jel said...

I like the new doo! :)

Diann, I thought of Minnie Pearl,
as I read your post, and I read your comment, about Minnie Pearl
she was a grand lady!
(and so are you)

I'm glad I'm not perfect,

I like eating at the 3 for dollar hotdog stand :)

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Stacie said...

**hand up... waaay up.**
You and your new do are adorable. :)

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Julie Carobini said...

I really like the new look on you, Diann. It's got "movement," :)...isn't that what stylists say?

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Diann, I think I'm going to copy this pic of you and take it with me to my hair stylist next week. I may have her cut my hair that way. It's adorable. And no, I have no grace whatsoever, so I learned long ago to laugh long and hard at myself, and never take myself seriously.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

Colleen took the words from me - only you! LOL Except for your gf, me. Definitely not the classy type, either. And when I try to look or act classy, you just KNOW God is going to take the mickey out of me somehow. And usually in the most embarrassing way. :)

I'll just say this, you know who your real friends are when they will tweeze cactus thorns from your behind by moonlight.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

Oops, I got so tickled at your "classy" comment I forgot to tell you I LOVE the wig.It's the cutest one you've worn. :)

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Sandie said...

LOVE the wig. Have you said where you get them? I bought a cheap wig off Amazon and it is ok for my mannequin but not for my head! Slides right off. I had a wig many many years ago when I wanted to be a blond. I wore it to a wedding and the bride - one of my BEST friends, did not recognize me. LOL I know you'd rather not need a wig at this time, but if you gotta use it, this one looks fantastic!

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

Cactus thorns, Ane? That IS true friendship! LOL!

Sandie, I found this one, I think it was. I just keep looking at online sites. It's kind of risky because you don't know if you'll really like it until you get it, but they let you return them if you don't.

Thanks for the comments, everyone! So nice to know I'm not alone. :-)

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Sandie, that cracks me up. I cut my hair short, and I didn't know if I'd deal, so I bought an extension wig, and my kids told me I have a giant mullet and look like Billy Ray Cyrus. ROFLOL


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