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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bubble Gum

Cambodia. The very word conjures up an exotic land, and everything you think about it is true. It's wonderful, scary, poignant, dirty, full of smiles and friendly people, heart tugging, with an overwhelming need. We have fallen in love with the people from the first moment. We have so many THINGS in America. It's hard to understand just how much need is here. It already feels like our mission field. 

Our missionaries here have wonderful churches in the provinces and an orphanage in the city. The orphans came to meet us at the airport, even though it was eleven at night. The little ones cried to come meet us, and their small faces smiling at us made us forget we'd just flown 23 hours. They were holding up a big sign welcoming us to Cambodia. We went to the province churches on Sunday and Monday, and when I sat in that first service and heard their fervent singing of Cambodian hymns my eyes welled up. I was so struck with God's love for these people, for all people. I realized I'd been insulated in the U.S. about how much He wants us to reach others with the gospel. At the 2nd church the people all had Bibles and took notes as Pastor preached. Their hunger for the Word put me to shame. 

We took a tuk tuk ride today, and THAT is the way to travel! It was scary but exhilarating, and we could feel the heartbeat of the city. A tuk tuk is a little carriage like thing that's pulled behind a motorbike. It darts in and out of traffic and sometimes you just have to close your eyes and pray. LOL We loved our time in the provinces. The pastor's home was open air with only 2 walls. There were chickens, puppies, ducks, chickens, and pigs running around. They sleep on a mat on a wooden deck. Yet I could see the beauty of living in such simplicity. 

Ahem. The only hard part is the Cambodian toilet. LOL it's an open porcelain bowel set in concrete in a small building similar to an outhouse. We call it a squatty potty. LOL Luckily the missionaries' house where we're staying is a western style home, but when we're out and about we have to face the other kind. 

I hope you'll pray for us while we're here--that we can minister to the people and the orphans and make a difference. I think when we leave here, we'll be leaving our hearts in Cambodia. If you go to the my Facebook page, you'll see all kinds of pictures. This picture shows the how excited the children are to get a piece of bubble gum. This is right after the first church service. 

Colleen Coble  
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At 10:31 AM, Blogger Denise Hunter said...

Thanks for the update, C. I'm loving the pics on your FB page.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Barb said...

When I was eighteen, I went on a summer mission team to India. We had a layover in Bombay, I think, and I used the airport bathroom, which was what you described. I determined I would use the airplane restroom before we got to the next destination. There was a line and, by the time I had used it, the plane had started its descent. I walked back to my seat with gravity pulling on my legs. Thankfully, the home we were staying in also had a regular toilet.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

I feel for you, Barb!

D, you would not believe it here. We all love the people though!

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Candice Sue Patterson said...

What an amazing experience, in so many ways, Colleen! Will be praying for you all and for a safe journey home. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


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