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Monday, May 22, 2006

Happily Ever After

Life is full of unhappy endings. Marriages end in divorce. Chidren die. Bad guys escape. But when I buy a book, I'm hoping for a different kind of ending. Hey, I paid for this fictional escape. Let me close the book with a smile.

I'm all for conflict during the story. Bring it on! Make me agonize, make me weep. But when it comes to the ending, don't disappoint me. It doesn't have to end perfectly, wrapped in shiny foil and tied with a bow. But please don't kill the main character, don't break up the marriage I was rooting for, and don't make me cry (unless they're happy tears).

As an author, I realized the seriousness of the happy ending at one of my book club meetings. One lady told me she wouldn't buy a particular author anymore because of the unhappy ending of the book we read. Another lady told me she almost didn't finish MY book because she was sure it was going to end unhappily. She closed the book with only several pages left and wasn't going to open it again. This is a woman who knows me. Fortunately, a mutual friend told her it ended happily, so she finished it. Apparently I'm not the only one who wants that happy ending.
Denise Hunter  
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At 12:58 AM, Blogger Julie Carobini said...

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At 7:27 AM, Blogger Diann Hunt said...

I couldn't agree more. I HATE wasting my time on a book or movie with a sad ending. Some people like the surprise element, but not me. Life is full of enough surprises. Give me a happy ending!

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Chaos-Jamie said...

I love the happy ending too.

What I hate, though, is the predictable ending. Yes the boy should get the girl, the bad guy should get caught, but make me work for it. I hate being spoon fed what I already know will happen.

And, for your published girls that aren't waiting to make sure you get the early bird session and the perfect paid critique, I wish you a happy day as I sit glued to my computer hitting refresh every thrity seconds. There's another benefit to being on your side of the fence!

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Bethanie said...

the only time i don't mind the surprise element is in a john grisham novel. the ending to his books are NEVER what i expect, yet totally make sense.

but gimme a happily ever after any day - i'm a sucker for reading the last page of a book when only halfway thru and i tell ya, if i don't like the ending, the book gets put down...

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Sabrina L. Fox said...

I hate when a book or movie has me walking around the house going, what??? And don't give me those endings that I'm supposed to just guess what happened.

Like the show Without a Trace a couple weeks ago. It ends with one child is dead and one child is alive. Okay, which child. I don't want to wonder. LOL.

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Jessica said...

I agree with you there! Happy endings are MUCH BETTER!

I just found your blog...if you stop by mine anytime'll see my kids in the adventure of planting their very first vegetable garden!!! LOL
Hope that you can find the time to come by my blog site and please post a comment when you do...I like for those who visit my site to let me know they've been there :) (you will need to 1. register (FREE), on the right side of my site before you post...this is just to make your visits more personalized, etc. and then 2. click "Leave Your Comments" back at the regular part of my site on any comments that interests you, and then 3. "Post Reply" once the comments page comes up and type your comment).

I'll try to visit your site regularly and hope that you visit mine as well! :) God Bless! :)

At 7:05 PM, Blogger C. H. Green said...

I feel so let down when a book -- or movie even -- has a tragic end. I understand their attempt at realism, but hey...the rest of us live in fantasyland for a very good reason. LOL.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

I'm with you! In fact recently I read a book where the ending was so disappointing, I won't read the author anymore. I can happily say it wasn't you! :o))

At 8:56 PM, Blogger Denise Hunter said...

Bethanie! How could you peek at the end of the book? I would never, never do that. I want a happy ending, but I don't want to know exactly how it ends. LOL

At 10:52 PM, Blogger The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I enjoy reading Karen Kingsbury, all her books are love stories and end happily. I'm going to get one of your books! I'm pretty excited about it!

At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Bethanie said...

Denise i do it all the time... i'm pathetic i know but sometimes i just can't help myself! coz i just can't read fast enough to satisfy my curiosity! lol!!!

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Camy Tang said...

I will usually avoid books and movies where I know the ending is sad, like Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Shindler's List--you name it. Yes, I'm a neanderthal because I have avoided some "classics" or "literary" books and movies, but they can kiss my grits. They don't have to live with me for the DAYS after a sad-ending book, with me being highly emotional and weepy and impossible to live with.


At 12:14 AM, Anonymous lm said...

I agree. I want happy..happy be delusion..whatever...I hated Message In a Bottle because it ended WRONG! Nick Sparks says (you can read it on his website) that he purposely left Jamie's death or not up to the reader in A walk to remember because he didn't want any more scary letters from disappointed readers! LOL


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