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Thursday, October 08, 2009
How do you best connect with God? I'm talking about the kind of prayer in which you most feel God's presence. I know a lot of people like a particular kind of worship music to feel in sync with Him. Others are closer to Him when reading the Bible, or doing the dishes or helping in a soup kitchen, scrap booking or researching family history. Some people actually are able to feel closest to God in church. I find I'm not one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I do worship Him in church, but I allow myself to be distracted because I'm in the choir loft facing the congregation throughout the service. It feels as if I'm on public display, and that isn't comfortable. I wish I weren't like that, but I am.

Most of the time, when I'm stressed and need to be alone with God to find my way again, I go hiking. Anyone who's known me for long won't be surprised by this, because I'm an avid hiker. It is during my hikes when I feel most able to open up to God and share my thoughts. I have a favorite question I like to ask Him. "Jesus, if you were walking beside me in person right now, what would you say to me?" It may take a while for an answer. Sometimes the answer is wonderful, sometimes hard, but I always know I've been given an answer.

Just last Sunday, I went on a hike. I've been kind of grumpy lately, and I wasn't feeling too good about myself. Still, it was a beautiful hike, where I saw evidence of feral pigs and a pawprint of what I'm pretty sure was a mountain lion. The autumn colors were amazing, the temperature was just right, and the sunshine was warm on my skin. I felt close to God, even though I didn't ask "the question."

But when I finally opened up and explained to Him why I didn't ask--yeah, like He didn't already know?--I immediately saw a migrating monarch butterfly flit above me. The breeze was a little stiff, and the butterfly was tossed all over the place, but it kept flying ahead despite the wind. In fact, as I watched, I saw more of its colors, almost as if the light reflecting from the butterfly made it appear to dance in the air. It wouldn't have appeared that way if not for the wind. That monarch was God's way of showing me that I may not be any more substantial than that butterfly when I struggle from problem to problem, battered by the winds of life. Still, I carry His Spirit in me, and that Spirit has the power to show through. It may even seem to some as if I'm dancing during some of the hard times of my life.

So how about you? How do you best meet with Him?
Hannah Alexander  
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At 2:13 AM, Blogger Crystal Laine Miller said...

This is what I have to do, too. I go on a hike in the woods or near the river near our house.

I have to be outside every day, and if I can just get outside, no matter if it's a day of rain, shine, snow, warmth, I can connect to God's voice and be myself.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

When I'm outside experiencing His creation is when I feel closest to Him. Just like you and Crystal, it's the beauty of His creativeness that draws me in. The warmth of the sun, the sky, the trees, animals....and the SEA!

I get to visit the sea next week. It's been far too long. I told my husband not to be surprised if I cry when I see it again.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

I know exactly what you guys mean. The Master Artist knows how to affect all our senses in wonderful ways. We're literally surrounded by His touch.

As for the sea, I was born near the ocean, and living in the Midwest, I always miss the ocean and mountains. I cry, too, when I return to either. I love the Ozarks, their beauty and green life, but the majesty of mountains and ocean have a power all their own.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger Leticia said...

I love it when there is a cool breeze outside and no one is awake in the early hours and I can sit outside undisturbed. I love just spending quite time with my God.

I have a prayer pillow that I kneel on, I put on Messianic music and let loose in worship.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

I have a friend who had a prayer pillow ministry that has nearly circled the globe. I hope those she touches also use their prayer pillows in this way. Alone time with Him.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger quietspirit said...

When I first wake in the morning, I pray for some special friends. Then I get up. At night, when I can't sleep, I pray for those who are ill and need a soothing touch from God.

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Praying for others is a great way to remain in contact with Him. I did that just tonight, having dinner with other believers, sharing about His love. Wow. How wonderful.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

Oh I love that, Cheryl! We hate adversity but it's always for our good.

I feel close to God when I'm walking. I love to listen to praise music as I walk too. My favorite is "Your Name" and I just lift my hands to God when I hear it.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Wow, Colleen. We sang that just yesterday in worship service. And I can just see you walking down the street with your hands raised in worship, and cars driving by, wondering what on earth...I often am glad no one else hikes around these parts, because others can discover me laughing, talking, even crying as I worship. Another good reason to hike in the wilderness!! LOL

At 3:17 AM, Blogger Cheri said...

HI -
I love the butterfly dancing 'answer to prayer'. Isn't God good to answer us before we know our needs?

I feel closest to God in many ways. I have to admit as I read the prayer requests a few minutes ago, my heart was burdened -- especially by one post. God taught me a lesson.

As a singer, to sing is to soar to His throne. I also remember sitting in the choir, but now our church has the choir be seated once they finish their 'special'.

Worshipping with others, I feel His presence in a special way. Yet, lying quietly at night and praying and 'listening', is where I think I feel closest to Him

Years ago (about 30????) someone gave me a book, "Closer Than a Brother". It teaches that He really is by our side at all times. When I turn away and feel alone, He hasn't gone anywhere. I just need to turn back towards Him.

Thanks for a very thought provoking question,


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