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Friday, December 11, 2009
Kris and I have traded spots, so after this week, I'll be posting on Wednesdays and she'll be posting on Fridays. It just so happens I have something to get off my chest today--figuratively speaking:

Most of us have financial woes right now. I received a shocker in the mail yesterday that totally put me under. It was a property tax charge that was unexpected and so much higher than it should have been. It seems we're being eaten up by taxes lately. I just put the bill down and covered it up with other paperwork. I couldn't face it, and in my heart I cried out to God to take care of it, because it's all I can do to muddle through my days right now. I prayed several times about it.

Today, in my morning Bible reading, it just so happened that my day's chapter is Mark 12, which, among other things, deals with paying taxes to Caesar--we have to do it. But then we also need to give to God what is God's. That brought tears to my eyes. Not because I'm upset because the Bible reinforces the fact that I'm going to have to pay this huge bill, but that He was listening. As I read my Bible daily, some kind of supernatural activity takes place, and the passages I read just happen to pertain to what is vital to me in my life on that day. God answers daily prayers that way, among other ways.

My next question to Him, however, was, "Okay, fine, I'm rendering to Caesar what is Caesar's, but if I have to do that, I for SURE want to give what belongs to my beloved God. So...what's that right now, God?" And I'm not talking money, here, though I do believe in giving tithes and offerings. God wants more than those things from us--unless our spiritual gift is that of earning and giving scads of money for His causes over and above the usual.

In the past, my answer has been easy. I'm a writer and I sing, and both of those things I devote to God. This past year, however, I've been on a sort of sabbatical from both writing deadlines and singing engagements--and those sabbaticals have been from God. He's made that quite obvious But what now? Right now, this minute, as I remain in limbo creatively, what part of me can I actively devote to Him?

What about you? If you somehow lost your spiritual gifts for a year, what would you devote to Him? What in your life can you offer Him? And don't give me the "everything" answer. That's a given. We should all live for God like we mean it.

A little farther along in that same chapter, Mark 12, Jesus comments on the widow's mite. Right now, I feel like that widow. I've been rendered poor and helpless for this time in my life. And yet, what can I give Him in my neediness? How about you?
Hannah Alexander  
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At 5:27 AM, Blogger Pam S. said...

You're asking hard but good questions here. Things to think about and mull over. No answer just yet...

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Cheri said...

Hi Cheryl,
I have been in what I call my rest note from my music and life for well over a year. I don't like it. However, God has begun to show me deeper things of God and my walk with Him is strengthening. I am not using my gifts to sing and it breaks my heart. Or, my gift of fellowship.

He is teaching me deeper meaning in prayer, bible study, and witnessing to others. I love learning but am anxious to get well enough to return to my "first love" but until then, I will take full advantage of what God wishes to teach me.

There are also things in my life He is dealing with during this down time. This is where it gets hard. Do I have enough faith to do and go where I think He wants me to? I am not sure. It will take a huge amount of blind faith.

Joyce Meyers said a few months ago to do what you can and God will do what you can't. Big leap for me.

I am reaching out to Him and praying He will show me clearly - as I don't get it usually the first time- what He would have me do and then give me the strength to step out in faith.

Down times can be up times only in a new way. At least that is what He is teaching me during this time in my life.


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