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Friday, August 20, 2010

You know what I love about people? They're so different. No two things make the same people happy. Everyone says money would make them happy, but too much money and it's all you worry about, not enough, again, all you worry about. Having enough is just right. Like Goldilocks. In fact, there have even been studies that once your needs are met, you're no happier with more money.

So my "needs" may include a hefty amount of Starbucks, but my ADD doc says Starbucks is just providing his services to the masses. So there you have it. What's funny is when we think we know what will make us happy, only to find out that wasn't it at all. I've learned to equate happiness with a feeling, not a thing. The feeling of being with good friends and giggling. The feeling of having no responsibility other than intimate conversations. The feeling of sitting beside my kids and thoroughly enjoying a TV show. Those are the moments that make up life, aren't they?

I mean, maybe not for you. Maybe you're a hiker and find your peace there. Or maybe like me, you're also a writer, and love to be in the moment and tapping out words. Happiness ultimately comes from within, when we're living the life God meant for us to live. When we're out of His will, we will struggle in vain to get upright.

This is my mommy's house. My husband and I built it. I absolutely ABHORRED living there. My parents LOVE it and I think it shows. I'm happy going there now, but living there was not my dream. What makes you happy? Did you learn the hard way? Or the easy way and always know?

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At 11:55 AM, Blogger jel said...

from what ya can see in the pictures , I can see why your mom and dad love's it! :)

what makes me happy,
a good book,
a cloudy day,
taking pictures

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Yep, I'm the hiker, Kris. Things kind of fall apart when I can't get out there, and right now, with a heat index over a hundred, not going there.

It's a beautiful house. I'd love it there, I think.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Pam S. said...

What makes me happy? Being with friends or my beloved students. Singing. Painting. Reading and writing. Being silly and laughing hard. Spending time in nature. Flowers.

We are in the process of moving rather abruptly from Turkey to the US. We are giving away and/or selling almost everything we own in the next week or two. Know what I'm learning today? It's just stuff. It doesn't define who I am. Sure it's very, very hard to do this and to say the good-byes. I've cried buckets of tears. But in the end it's the relationships and the wonderful memories of times with friends that have really mattered. God and family really matter, too.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Wow Pam, good luck with the move! You know what made me figure out it was all stuff? My grandparents all moved from a house, to a retirement apartment, to a retirement home, to a nursing home, and eventually, all that's left is a box of their memories. One box. That's what your life comes down to, so you better make it matter because the stuff means nothing!

Jel, why a cloudy day? That depresses me. I like the sunshine, is it good for picture taking? Hiking. I like hiking too, as long as I get to see the city below when I reach the top. P: )

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Ruthie said...

What makes me happy?

--Knowing my kids and husband love me.
--Being able to go to church (I don't get to go often in the summer *sigh*).
--Finishing a knitting project--finally!

At 8:24 AM, Blogger jel said...

nuthing wrong with a clear sky,

a clear sky is an unuse artist canvas. He adds the white puffy clouds to make the canvas come alive,

clouds are a good thing they give us shade, and ya need clouds to hold the rain.

clouds are nature's tv,
my profile photo is a cloud I took one day!

and the clouds are where the Care Bears live (from my interchild) :)

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Ane Mulligan said...

Sometimes, I think I'd be happiest living in the mountains. I love mountain streams and the quiet. But I couldn't last like that. I've learned I'm definitely, !00% a people person. I recharge my batteries around people. And coffee. And giggles.

So I guess I'll just visit the mountains, have mu nostalgic moment and return to my home-base battery charger ... Starbucks. ;)

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

jel has a wonderful collection of cloud photos. I love her talent.

And we're desperate for all the clouds we can get right now! Some friends of ours had their hay spontaneously combust this week. AUGH! Pray for rain!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Ane, it's people like you--a people person--who charge my batteries. I can't stay out for long, but when I'm with someone who is supercharged by others, I also supercharge enough to return to my typical hibernation.

Also, at writers conferences I become a people person. Not sure why, but there something about being with all those people who are as "different" as I am that I just come alive. Like a family reunion on steroids.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Jel, that photo is gorgeous. The clouds really do tell a story and they're so pretty in certain places. Like Colorado or Montana.

Have you seen that photo called "the Hands of God" and it has the shape of hands coming down in the clouds? I'll find it if you haven't seen it.

Ane, you are SOO a people person. I am too at times, and then I like it quiet at times. I bet I will be more of a people person when I don't have four kids at home. LOL

At 3:14 PM, Blogger jel said...

Kristin, I would like to see that picture, thanks,

oh and our part of Missouri is a cool place for clouds :)

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Crystal Laine Miller said...

I don't like living here or this house and I've had to stay here 13 years. I was promised I could move this year, but now the market is tanked and we can't sell it. It's a perfectly beautiful house with a woods. It's just not a good layout for me or location. So I know what you mean.

Happy. Hmmm. I'm happiest when I can read without interruption in a quiet place or to think and write. I don't ever get that, and my "office" is now in the hallway in the middle of a very open concept house with tons of young adult men traipsing through with noise, but that's what it is.

So my list....
~a good book in a quiet place
~a great meal with friends or family that I didn't have to cook
~on a motorcycle
~in a cabin
~in a groove with writing something I really am passionate about
~getting something to grow
~talking with kids
~a good cup of coffee I don't have to drive to get

At 4:19 PM, Blogger Crystal Laine Miller said...

I can't think straight with all this noise today.

I meant:

~a great meal that I didn't have to cook shared with family or friends


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Crystal Mazzuca said...

FOOD makes everyone in my house happy! The worst of days, the worst of times, the worst of anything is always made better by some homemade soup, a funky chicken dish, or the classic Thai entree. I'm happy and hungry!


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