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Monday, July 26, 2010
This is from Denise, not Colleen. She is on a ship and can't get blogger to open.

We were at Busch Gardens when it started. Just a drop or two at first, and then, before we knew it, buckets of rain, pouring down on our heads.

Just up ahead, three photo booths sat back to back, their black curtains waving their arms in the wind . . .Over here, over here! As one, we made a dash to the booths and ducked in, two by two by one, and drew the curtains.

Kevin and I heard the boys from our dry, comfy spot, laughing at our peculiar landing spot. But hey, were we dry or what?

The storm lasted several minutes. Long enough for Justin, our oldest, to figure out that if he pushed a button several times it would eventually talk back . . . “Quit poking me!” Sending more waves of laughter across our booth train.

But the structures kept us warm and safe and dry in our time of need. It got me to thinking. Where do I go when the storms of life hit, hard and sudden? There are so many options people take. We Christians know we should turn to God. Is there a warmer, safer spot? A spot that’s more secure and unmoving and perfect?

Still there are others, some good, some not. We vent to friends, find comfort in the arms of our family. We journal the feelings too scary and hurt-soaked to share with another living soul. we drown our misery in alcohol or drugs or whatever addiction gives us comfort—chocolate!

Still we know. We know only One holds the key to our future. To our comfort. Only one can save us from the storm. The others merely offer comfort or distraction.

What’s your port in the storm?


Colleen Coble  
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At 10:00 AM, Blogger Hannah Alexander said...

Denise, relax and have a blast on the cruise. The boys will be busy with all the distractions, and you should have time to chill for awhile. But what to I know? The only cruise I went on lasted a partial day.

My port in the storm. The usual, of course is to escape to the wilderness (hiking) to pray. But it's been so hot this summer, and my storm lately so constantly oppressive, that besides my Bible and desperate, shotgun prayers for help, I hide out a lot, watch Netflix television shows--particularly comedy--and dream of coming out of the other side of this someday.

Oh, yes, if it rains today, I plan to go walking in it.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Colleen Coble said...

Reading is my refuge (after prayer of course.) Love to lose myself in a good book!

At 5:39 PM, Blogger jel said...

reading ,watching old cartoons is my port,

what are shotgun prayers,?
(I thought it said players)

At 1:33 AM, Blogger Ruthie said...

My port? After firing off one of those infamous shotgun prayers for help, I immerse myself in a comforting hot bowl of soup. Thus, with licked spoon in hand and faith in my Father who can do anything anywhere at any time, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and take up my knitting once again, knowing all will be right with my world.

Seriously, I have always thought that faith and soup go hand-in-hand and will fix most everything!


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