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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once I went to see a comedian and she talked about returning from the road and how she had to tell herself, Kiss the boyfriend first, kiss the boyfriend first.

Non-dog owners do not understand this, I'm sure. But there is nothing closer to the physical expression of love of God than a dog. When you enter the room, it's like they brighten and the world changes for them. Imagine if you could have this kind of effect on everyone, and if you walked out the door for ten minutes, they treated you like you'd been gone for an eternity? Wouldn't that be lovely?

This morning, Elle and I took Fiona to get groomed. There was an ad on the door for Martha Stewart Brand products now at Petsmart. I don't know if Martha is a dog person, but my guess, by the uncomfortable shot of her and a perfect-looking canine, is no. And with all her millions, I found myself feeling sorry for her. How can you not allow a dog to love you?

My daughter is writing a paper for school on why dogs are better than cats. She has a debate in class.To a dog person, this almost seems a ridiculous concept to debate such a thing. But I suppose cat people feel the same. Although when is the last time a cat nearly knocked you over with their loving zeal?

Do you have a pet? How do they add to your life? Besides the seven years we apparently get according to statistics.

So I'm leaving for Florida and I'm so exhausted, I'm looking forward to the long plane ride and sleep. It's been a long couple of weeks, but as I come back, I will have to recite the mantra, kiss the kids first. Kiss the kids first! It's kind of hard to remember that when they don't look up from video games or their manga as you enter the room.

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At 3:33 PM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

It's been a while since I've had a dog. I keep saying I might get a dog if I ever fix the fence. I've been saying that for ten years.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger MaryC said...

There's a running joke about me at work because 5 years ago we had one of those staff development things I hate. We had to divide into groups - 1 corner for dog owners, 1 for cat owners, 1 for mixed pets and 1 for no pet. I was in the no pet and when asked about it I notoriously said I just didn't get it - how attached these people were to their pets.
A year later we got a rescue dog. He was really a bribe for my daughter about college, but he's my dog. (Except if you ask my husband.)

Now, four years later, I can't even fathom life without my best buddy.

I'm off this week, so this morning I spent writing with him curled up against me. Closest thing to heaven on earth.

I love your description:
When you enter the room, it's like they brighten and the world changes for them.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

We've had Casey, a black lab, for 13 years. When we went to the breeder's farm Casey was only one of two puppies left in his litter. He was the runt and his ears had scars in them from where his brothers had bitten him. I didn't even notice him, but he marched right over to me, crawled into my lap, and the rest is history.

Later we learned he had a heart condition and the vet said he would only live to be 8, but he's still kickin' at 13, even with a bad heart, blindness, deafness, and bad hips. It's hard to imagine after all this time what life is going to be like without him. More and more health problems have been cropping up and I know time is short, so I just enjoy every day I have with him.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Timothy, it is a commitment, but once it's made, I don't know that you ever regret it. Although my cousin got rid of their dog. Didn't turn the chip paperwork in until they were sure they'd keep her. LOL

Mary, I haven't had a dog since I was six before this one. (Black Lab Kate!) My husband is not an animal person, so this was one I sort of did on my own after years of having no dog. I compromised in that I wanted a boxer and got a mutt who looks like a maltese.

Kate, that's the only bad part is worrying about the end. That is a LONG happy life for your Lab. My dad , who has to be the coolest cucumber on the planet, still cannot talk about losing his beloved Cocker Spaniel, and it's on the dresser in an ash box. I hope that I do not do that. LOL

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Sandie said...

We've had several dogs through the years, each with his or her own personality. It's very difficult when they pass on. Our dog Mollie was the last that we lost. She died in our living room. She'd been fighting some illness - we are guessing cancer - and we were all there with her when she succumbed. You know how they call the family when a person is expected not to last through the night? We did the same. We were sad that my son couldn't be there as he was in Army at the time. That was in late 2008. I miss her to this day. She used to sit on my feet when I was cold.

Our present dog Jack is a small shih tzu/ bichon frise mix. He used to like to curl up next to me in bed. We haven't been able to let him in the bed lately because of hubby's allergies, but he will sit with me on the sofa or behind me on my chair as I sit at the computer. I am with him all day and he no longer jumps up when I go to the mailbox, but when I leave anywhere in the car and every day when hubby returns home, he greets us very enthusiastically. Perhaps that is because I feel guilty for leaving him and I always give him a special treat when I come home. LOL

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Mary Allen said...

Is there life without dog? I guess, but really, what kind?

Once I was away for ten days and sorely missing my dog and family, of course. I got back to the hotel from an early morning run and when I went into the lobby a man and a small beagle were chatting with the staff person. That dog took one glance at me and with a happy bark leaped into my arms. I was shocked and ecstatic. I was having serious fuzz therapy deprivation and he just knew the moment he saw me. I couldn't tell you what the man looked like, but I'll always remember the dog.

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Heather Murphy said...

HA HA! This is so funny! I am one of those girls that has to remind myself to kiss the boyfriend first when I go home too. I have a chihuahua that is so darn cute, and I think she is more excited to see me than my boyfriend is at the end of the day. LOL


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